A historical ceremony for the gradation of “Batch 77 " at the Engineering College

Coated with joy and happiness, the Engineering Faculty witnessed the first ceremony of graduation of 300 graduates and returning to the collage after the war. 

The celebration was titled ‘’The Engineering Batch at the Top’’ by the graduates, under the supervision of the students, the graduates union, the general students union of Benghazi University and the general students union of Libya. The event was wonderful, and for the first time the graduation photograph included all the graduates in contrast to the previous years where they used to arrange different days to take the graduation photo and making the party separate.  There was a high presence of guests and parents at the ceremony.  They all had unforgettable moments seeing their sons and daughters as future engineers.

"We feel proud, Graduation despite of all damages and the destructions that happened to the university and the engineering college. It did not demotivated us and we kept determined to live some moments of joy and happiness for all the parents and the students about their graduation which is considered to be a historical event because it is the first after returning to study at the college",  stated Tamir Aljalali expressed, the head of the students union at the college. 

We will never forget to thank Mr. Almabruk Ihwidi the head of registration office at "Suluk" and we appreciate those at the registration office at the pharmacy, dentistry, and the Engineering colleges and 'Salah Ahassi' for their cooperation in providing the graduation costumes.  We also thanking the Security staff for securing the event and the colleagues in other student unions for coming and participating in the ceremony.