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Office of Finance

The Office of Finance is responsible for:

Preparation of draft management and development budgets, in accordance with the rules and rules established by the competent authority.
• To implement the approved budgets of the University according to the purposes allocated to it and within the limits approved for each section or item, in accordance with the legislation in force.
• Maintenance of records, financial records and entries for all financial operations.
• Preparation and disbursement of salaries and financial benefits to employees.
• Issuance of travel tickets to official delegates and disbursement of necessary advances on account of travel and overnight allowances.
• Making the necessary reconciliations for the University’s bank account and preparing financial reconciliation notes to settle differences.
• To disburse the interim and permanent financial covenant and the necessary adjustment procedures on time.
• Participation in periodic, sudden and annual inventory work.
• Carry out all work to ensure the safe disbursement and preserve the funds of the University.
• Participation in the work of committees and task forces relevant to the activities of the University.
• Participation in seminars, symposiums and scientific forums relevant to office activity at home and abroad.
• Preparation of periodic and annual financial reports.
• Prepare the necessary responses and clarifications to the observations of the oversight bodies relevant to the activity of the Office.

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