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Office of Planning and Follow-up

The Planning and Follow-up Office is responsible for:

• To propose annual and long-term plans in the technical, financial and administrative areas of the University.
• Proposing policies to implement the approved plans and proposing that they be amended in accordance with inspection and follow-up;
• Monitoring the integrity of administrative procedures at the University, identifying defects, making proposals to remedy them, and doing something that would lead to the regularity and proper functioning of the University.
• Inspecting UNU agencies to verify the validity of financial and administrative procedures and to ensure that the University’s funds are properly disposed of, that the established assets are not violated in accordance with the legislation in force and that financial and administrative abuses are controlled and notified.
• Preparation of comprehensive reports on the administrative and financial affairs of the University and submission of proposals thereon.
• Follow-up of legislation on higher education.
• Follow up on the implementation of projects by the technical bodies of the University, and assess and report on their compliance with the implementation provisions;
• Follow-up of the work of the committees formed for specific tasks at the University as well as the extent to which they have accomplished their work.

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