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  • University City:

The university city in Benghazi region was built on the latest international models in terms of luxury, modernity of facilities and methods of distribution, which made it a pride of the Arab Islamic nation.

It occupies a beautiful part of the Mediterranean Sea, west of Benghazi. The university city has the following facilities:

  • Colleges buildings:
  • The central library of the University is the center for all school buildings and the terrace complexes are distributed according to the distribution of colleges and connected by two-story bridges so as to facilitate the movement between colleges and lecture rooms.

  • The building of the General Administration of the University with its famous golden dome

  • Central Library:

The central library was established on a 6,000m plot of land and an area of 26,000m divided into three floors.

Construction of the library began on 28/5/1968  and was completed on the date of 15/9/1973  and relocation took place on the date of 29/12/1973. in its three roles, the library accommodates one million volumes and accommodates three thousand students simultaneously.

  • University Clinic:

The university infirmary opened in October 1978, and its location was suitable and studied among departments, classrooms and student accommodation.

  • Faculty accommodation
  • Different sports facilities
  • Department of Technical Affairs and Projects building, which includes several technical workshops

  • Student homes:

Student homes have been fully equipped for the purpose of providing adequate accommodation for students.

  • Post Office:

The university has a post office that provides postal services.

  • Bank of the Republic branch:

The university city has a branch of the Bank of the Republic which carries out all banking work for students, faculty and staff.

  • Stores
  • University Clinic:
  • The female students’ home (formerly Al-Humaydah) has been assigned to settle the activity of the Specialized Health Services Centre through specialized clinics, which have been equipped with the latest integrated medical equipment to carry out their work in order to improve the reputation and legacy of the University of Benghazi, as well as a medical analysis laboratory and pharmacy.
  • Various administrative buildings in the Humaydah area of Benghazi

  • Building of the Faculty of Education:

The building is located in the Hawari area of Benghazi and has a student home

  • Faculty of Oral and Dental Surgery Building:

The building is located in the Sidi Hussein area of Benghazi

  • Faculty of Nursing Building:

The building is located in the Kwaifiya area of Benghazi

  • The building of the medical colleges complex is located in the Hawari area of Benghazi and includes the following buildings:
  • Public Administration Building
  • Faculty of Human Medicine Building
  • Faculty of Pharmacy Building
  • Faculty of Public Health Building
  • Medical Technical College Building
  • Faculty of Oral and Dental Surgery Building (under completion)
  • Building of the Central Library of Medical Colleges
  • Stands, stadiums and gyms
  • Stores

  • Language Centre building:

The building is located in the Zaitoun area of Benghazi

  • Environmental and Biological Chemistry Research Centre building

The centre building is located in the Twakrah area east of Benghazi city

  • The buildings of branch colleges outside Benghazi, numbering 13 in 9 Libyan cities, are distributed as follows:
  • Marj City: colleges located: Arts, Sciences, Education, Accounting, Business Administration and Human Medicine
  • City of Abyaar: Located in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • Selouk City: Located in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • The city of Qumnis: located in the Faculty of Education
  • Tokara City: Located in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • Elwahat City: Located in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • The city of Ujila: located in the Faculty of Education
  • Jallow City: The Faculty of Engineering and Petroleum is located
  • The city of Kufra: located in the Faculty of Law, Arts and Sciences

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