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Office of Procurement and Warehouses

The Procurement and Warehousing Office Affairs:

  • Provision of the University’s requirements for office, scientific, and housing equipment, encompassing furniture, laboratories, medical facilities, computers, and other necessities pertinent to the University’s operations and activities.
  • Provision of the University’s needs for stationery and operational requirements for chemicals, analytical and other materials.
  • To carry out all work related to the opening of accreditation and customs clearance of university supplies from abroad.
  • To examine procurement and ensure that it conforms to the specifications specified in the procurement contracts and to take action against any defects or irregularities.
  • Implementation of existing legislation in the area of procurement and warehouses.
  • Ensure that warehouses adhere to the maintenance of warehouse records and notebooks, the procedures for the required entries, the maintenance of labels, and the registration of items supplied and disbursed.
  • Ensure that all procedures and security and safety requirements are provided at warehouses.
  • Participation in the work of committees and task forces relevant to the activity of the Bureau.
  • Preparation of periodic and annual follow-up reports on the activity of the Office.


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