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About The University

About the University:

Creation and establishment  The Libyan University is the former name of the first Libyan university established in Benghazi by the Establishment of the University Law on Thursday, 15 December 1955, immediately after the independence of Libya.

The university started its course with the following stages: 

On Sunday, 22/1/1956, the university was officially inaugurated
On Monday, 23/1/1956, studies were actually started  The university started its passage in the Faculty of Arts and Education and with 31 registered students, 6 instructors and 9 administrative staff.
1957 Faculty of Commerce and Economics was established.
1962 Faculty of Law was established.
6 October 1968 The cornerstone of the new campus of university was laid.

1970  Faculty of Human Medicine was established.
1970  Faculty of Arabic Language and Islamic Studies was established in Al-Baida City
August 1973  The name of the university was changed into the University of Benghazi.
1973 Faculty of Engineering was established.
1974 Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and Faculty of Science were established.
1974 The University moved from its old campus in Benghazi to its current campus in Gariyounis.
1975 Faculty of Agriculture  was established.
1976 The name of the university was changed from Benghazi University to the Gariyounis University.
September 1984 Medical Faculties were gathered in a separate University called Arab Medical University.
1989 Faculty of Pharmacy was established.
1994 Faculty of Public Health was established.
1999  Medical Faculties were merged into the Gariyounis University
2004 Faculty of Education was established.
2006 Faculty of Information Technology was established.
2007 Medical Faculties were separated once more as Arab Medical University.
2007 The Faculty of Nursing was established
February 17, 2011 The name University of Benghazi is reinstated and the Medical Faculties were merged back with the university.
2011 Faculty of Media was established.
2015 Faculty of Technical Medical Sciences was established.2019 Faculty of Physical Education and the Faculty of Languages were established.

The University also has branch faculties outside Benghazi in a number of Libyan cities: 

(Al-Marj, Al-Abiyar, Solouk, Gemines, Tukra, Al-Wawahat, Oujlah, Al-Kufra)

No. Branch Faculty Date of establishment
1 Al-Marj Arts and Science 1991
2 Al-Abiyar Arts and Science 2003
3 Oases Arts and Science 2003
4 Tukra Arts and Science 2003
5 Al-Kufra Arts and Science 2004
6 Geminis Education 2005
7 Al-Marj Education 2009
8 Al-Marj Accounting and business Administration 2013
9 Oujla Education 2015
10 Jalu Engineering and Oil 2015
11 Solouk Arts and Science 2016
12 Al-Kufra Law 2018
13 Al-Marj  Medicine 2018

Degrees awarded by the University  Degrees awarded by the University

• Bachelor of Arts Degree.

• Bachelor of Science degree.

• Master’s degree.

• PhD degree.

The university also grants many honorary diplomas in the fields of science, literature, culture, politics, law and economics


The University has 14 centers.

Some of these centers have been recently established and will be activated to enhance the performance of the university and achieve its goals and objectives.

No. Center est.
1 Research and Consultation Center 1973
2 Language Center 1966
3 Information and Documentation Center 2004
4 Media Production Center 2005
5 Medical Services Center 2005
6 Academic Development Center 2011
7 Law and Society Studies Center 2013
8 Environmental and Biological Chemistry Research Center 2015
9 Information and Communication Technology Center 2018
10 Engineering Research and Energy Center 2018
11 Nanotechnology Research Center 2018
12 Drug and Food Research Center 2018
13 Public Administration and institutional Development Center 2018
14 Public Health Center 2020

Postgraduate studies:

The actual start of the University graduate programs was in 1978

The Department of Graduate Studies is responsible for the preparation and implementation of graduate studies plans and programs at the University for teaching staff members, teaching assistants, postgraduate students and administrative staff through the Office of Graduate Studies, the Office of missions, the Training Office, the Office of TA Affairs, the Office of Management Affairs, the Information Technology Office and the Quality Control Unit.

The accredited departments that grant the Master’s degree at the University of Benghazi are:

The accredited scientific departments that grant Ph.D. degrees at the University of Benghazi are: