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About The University


Creation and establishment

The Libyan University is the former name of the first Libyan university established in Benghazi with the promulgation of the law establishing the university on Thursday, December 15, 1955, immediately after Libya’s independence.
The university began its career according to the following stations:
On Sunday, January 22, 1956, the university officially opened.
On Monday, January 23, 1956, the study actually began.
The university began its career at the Faculty of Arts and Education and received (31) students supervised by their teaching (6) faculty members assisted in the management of the university (9) employees.
1957 Established the Faculty of Commerce and Economics
1962 Established, Faculty of Law
October 6, 1968 The foundation stone of the university city was laid.
1970 Established the Faculty of Human Medicine
1970 Faculty of Arabic Language and Islamic Studies based in Al-Bayda
August 1973 The name of the university changed to be benghazi University.
1973 Established Faculty of Engineering.
1974 Established faculty of oral and dental medicine and surgery and faculty of science.
1974 The university moved from its old headquarters inside Benghazi to its current headquarters in the university city in Qaryounis region.
1975 Established Faculty of Agriculture.
1976 Changed her name from Benghazi University to Qaryounis University.
September 1984 brought together medical colleges at one university called the Arab Medical University.
1989 Established Faculty of Pharmacy.
1994 Established the Faculty of Public Health.
1999 Medical colleges were re-integrated into the University of Qaryounis.
2004 Established Faculty of Education.
2006 Established It College.
2007 Medical colleges seceded under the name “Arab Medical University”.
2007 Established College of Nursing.
February 17, 2011 The name returns to Benghazi University and is joined by medical colleges.
2011 Established The Faculty of Information.
2015 Established the Faculty of Technical Medical Sciences.
2019 Established The Faculty of Physical Education and the College of Languages.

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