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Office of General Services
  • Conducting receptions and inquiries for university administrators.
  • Providing all services to university staff.
  • Reservation of travel tickets for delegates on official business.
  • Conduct reception services and all other procedures for university guests and organize and arrange their meetings and meetings with officials.
  • Hotel reservations and reception at the airport for faculty and staff of the University.
  • Regulation of the movement of UNU vehicles, maintenance of records and files, maintenance work, permits for their use, disbursement of petrol and oil, etc.
  • Holding the necessary ceremonies at religious, national and national events.
  • To promote fraternity and friendship among university staff through concerts, recreational trips and sports and social activities for workers and their families.
  • Coordinating and organizing participation in cultural and scientific exhibitions and highlighting the activities of the University and its various institutions.
  • Participation in the work of committees and task forces relevant to the activity of the Bureau.
  • Preparation of periodic and annual follow-up reports on the activities of the Office.

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