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Office of Libraries and Documentation

The Office of Libraries and Documentation is responsible for:

  • Implementation of technical systems for the technical preparation of libraries, both for the processing, classification and indexing of libraries and for their loan systems, among others.
  • Follow-up of books issued in various publishing houses and work to provide university libraries with suits.
  • To pay attention to scientific periodicals, follow up on their issues and work to participate in them.
  • Take care of the study rooms, supervise them and provide them with the necessary books.
  • Provide libraries, colleges or departments with their needs for books and other means of knowledge.
  • Making proposals useful for the development and organization of the office service in the University’s libraries, faculties or departments, as the case may be.
  • Preparing detailed statistics on the movement of books in the library and submitting reports and proposals thereon.
  • Take care of, participate in and make use of book fairs.
  • Supervision of the University’s bookstores, faculties and departments.


    The Printing, Publishing and Translation Office shall:


  • Implementation of the University’s Arabization program, submission of useful proposals, follow-up of committees formed to implement the Arabization program and facilitation of their success.
  • Interest in translating and writing books at the University, reviewing evaluation committees and making proposals to encourage translation and authorship.
  • Follow-up of the publishing and publishing movement outside the university and interest in and participation in scientific journals.
  • Emphasize the role and importance of printing and publishing movement and make useful proposals.
  • Collecting, printing, publishing and marketing manuscripts at university and libraries.
  • To propose financial rewards for translation and authorship work at the University, in accordance with the regulations in force in particular.

    The Office of Supply and Distribution:

  • Inventory, classification and classification of requirements for scientific references, books and periodicals.
  • To carry out all procedures relating to the provision of books, references and scientific periodicals for libraries.
  • Follow-up on the opening of funds for supply of needs and customs clearance.
  • Linking relations with local, regional and international publishing houses with a view to identifying and making use of their latest scientific publications
  • Participating in exhibitions on books and publications at home and abroad and making use of them to provide for the needs of libraries in coordination with the relevant authorities.
  • Documentation of all supplies of books, references, periodicals and entities distributed to them;
  • Management of the Registrar-General
  • It is responsible for the administration of educational matters for university students, direct supervision of the school system, monitoring of the application of study and examination systems and regulations, and conducts supervision, guidance and coordination of all its organizational divisions, which are supervised by the following:

A- The Registry, Study and Examination Office shall:

  • Registration of students assigned to the university and preparation of records and statements containing all information on them annually
  • Preparing statistics and disaggregated data on the number of students enrolled in the university by sex, nationality, years of schooling, disciplinary divisions and place of residence.
  • Preparing statistics on students and university graduates in detail and preparing a university guide on them.
  • Preparation of statistics on non-regular students.
  • Undertake and sponsor the registration and follow-up of incoming students, prepare detailed statistics and report on them.

B- The Office of Student Housing and Subsistence is responsible for:

  • Equipping and setting up student accommodation in student homes in order to create a scientific and cultural environment conducive to the student’s creation and creativity, working to maintain this scientific environment throughout the school year and making useful proposals.
  • Follow-up of maintenance work in student homes and alerting them to defective sites for repair by the administration or the competent authority of the university;
  • Receiving students in student homes and enabling them to live there in accordance with the approved admission requirements, keeping records and preparing special lists and cards in accordance with the conditions in force.
  • Supervising students in student homes and taking care of them socially, and organizing their various activities in the home in coordination with the University’s Office of Student Activity and Affairs.
  • Supervision and observation of student home workers in terms of their obligation to perform their duties and their compliance with established conditions and controls.
  • Make useful proposals to improve the level, conditions, varieties and quantities of student nutrition services in accordance with the established scientific and health standards.
  • Supervising and inspecting restaurants and food stores, managing their equipment, supervising meal preparation and taking all necessary measures to ensure that sanitary conditions are met.
  • Follow up the work of nutrition committees, monitor the implementation of food supply requirements and submit reports and proposals for their improvement.

C- Teaching Materials Library, which is concerned with:

  •  Preparation and production of teaching materials at the University.
  • Supervision of classrooms for the purpose of teaching aids.
  • Assist faculty members in preparing research papers for participation in scientific conferences.
  • Provision of cinematic, video and other projectors.
  • Provision of scientific and documentary tapes, slides and diskettes.
  • Assist postgraduate students in preparing, printing and producing their letters appropriately.

D- The Social Service Office is responsible for:

  • Monitoring, research and analysis of various phenomena within the University and their impact on the educational process and making recommendations thereon
  • Compile information through questionnaires and other scientific research tools to identify, analyze and make recommendations on trends and patterns of behavior.
  • Participation in the preparation of studies and research on methods of dealing with abnormal social deviations and phenomena at the University.
  • Provision of social services to individuals within the university whose conditions so require.
  • Make proposals and recommendations that would strengthen and confirm relations between faculty, staff and students at different levels.
  • Provide advice to members of the university community, understand their problems and help them overcome them.
  • Preparation of social service programs and methods of implementation within university educational institutions.
  • Preparation of periodic reports on the area of specialization.

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