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Office of International Cooperation
About the office

The Office of International Cooperation at the University of Benghazi is responsible for scientific and cultural cooperation between the University and national, regional, and international institutions of higher education by exchanging information, expertise, and scientific consultations through programs for the exchange of faculty and students and conducting joint scientific research through the conclusion and activation of cooperation agreements with universities, institutions, and various research academies


Supporting the University to achieve leadership and excellence in higher education and community service programs, by creating and promoting effective cooperation with the best universities and academic institutions ranked Arab and international.

The message

Pursuing the goal of establishing and developing cooperation with universities and local, regional and international organizations and bodies related to higher education and scientific research in order to contribute to raising the level of educational and scientific outputs of the University in order to meet the entitlements of international competitiveness and to achieve the development and development of various sectoral institutions of society

  • Building an effective international reputation for the University of Benghazi at the regional and international levels.
  • Opening up domestic and international cooperation in the fields of higher education and scientific research.
  • Investing in local, regional and international opportunities to raise the level of education and scientific research at the University of Benghazi.
Functions of the Office
  • contacting  and coordinating with relevant local, regional and international organizations.
  • Preparation of memorandums of understanding and cooperation agreements between the University of Benghazi and local, regional and international institutions.
  • Follow-up on the implementation of the programs resulting from the agreements and memorandums of understanding signed between the University of Benghazi and its counterparts from local, regional and international institutions.
  • Preparation of periodic reports on UNU international cooperation.
  • To study the development needs of colleges, centers, offices and university departments to determine what can be met through international cooperation programs.
  • Management, coordination and follow-up of exchange programs for students and faculty members between the University of Benghazi and international universities through memorandums of cooperation.
  • To coordinate the selection of representatives of the University of Benghazi in official forums and to prepare the necessary arrangements, as well as to receive and host incoming delegations in accordance with the various programs of cooperation.
  • To organize University conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings and exhibitions.
  •  To work with faculty boards and faculty management to provide opportunities for faculty members in their scientific dedication, academic visits through joint cooperation and regional and international agreements, as well as to assist colleges in creating efficient expatriate professors in Arab and international universities by opening the horizon of cooperation and joint action in this field.
  • To contribute to the provision of short and intermediate development and training programs suitable for university staff through international agreements, in coordination with the Department of Postgraduate Studies and Training.
Structure of the Office
  • Administrative structure of the Office of International Cooperation:
  1. Administrative Unit.
  2. Convention and Activities Unit.
  3. International Grants and Programs Unit.
  4. Public Relations and Information Unit
  5. Administrative Unit
  • The Unit shall have the following functions:
  • Follow-up on administrative, functional and financial matters and procedures of the staff of the office.
  • Supervise the office mail and archives.
  • Prepare administrative archive and documentary system.
  • Coordinate and follow-up of the Office’s dates.
  • Supervision of reception programs and official visits to the University.
  • Provision of office requirements.


International Grants and Programmes Unit.

  • The Unit has specialized to achieve the following :
  • Develop plans to make maximum use of grants from local, regional and international institutions.
  • Preparation of periodic reports on the work of grants and programs.
  • Supervision of student exchange programs between the University of Benghazi and local, regional and international institutions through memorandums of cooperation.
  • Supervision and follow-up of full-time scientific programs and endeavor to implement them through the agreements concluded.
  • To contribute to the implementation of short sending programs for postgraduate students.
  • Coordination with the Department of Faculty and the Registrar-General of the University on expatriate faculty and students.
  • Preparation of periodic reports on the work of the Unit.

Public Relations and Information Unit

  • Preparation of an annual work plan for the Office.
  • Communicate with local, regional and international institutions and organizations and establish effective channels of communication to create and invest opportunities for university international cooperation.
  • To promote a culture of international cooperation at the University, in cooperation with all its colleges, centers and departments.
  • Identify the information needs of the Office, technical systems and programs that assist in the completion of the work.
  • Supervising the design of forms of correspondence, conventions and requests for international cooperation.
  • Establishment and management of the office database.
  • Preparation of periodic reports for the Head of Office.

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