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Office of Faculty Affairs

The Office of National Faculty Affairs is responsible for:

  • Carrying out the affairs of national faculty, overcoming difficulties encountered and proposing grounds and controls for the proper performance of their duties and responsibilities at the University.
  • Follow-up of the scientific activities of national faculty, preparation of reports on their studies and research and completion of evaluation procedures.
  • Organizing the participation of national faculty in practical seminars and conferences at home and abroad.
  • The use of national teaching staff from outside the university in teaching and training work.
  • Preparation of staff for faculty.
  • Keeping the principal files of faculty members and all matters relating to the faculty member with the opening of a sub-file in the faculties.


The Office for Expatriate Faculty Affairs is responsible for:

  • Undertake contracts and procedures for non-national faculty members, assess their scientific and educational conditions and prepare the necessary reports.
  • Assist in taking measures to attend, receive, stay and bid farewell to visiting and examining professors to facilitate the performance of their scientific functions.
  • Follow up and evaluate the scientific activities of non-national faculty members and prepare reports on their studies and research.
  • Organizing the participation of non-national faculty in scientific seminars and conferences at home and abroad.
  • Outsourcing of non-national teaching staff to teaching and training.
  • Keeping key files of non-national faculty from outside the university in teaching and training work.

University Housing Library for Faculty Members, which is responsible for:

  • Provision and equipping of suitable accommodation for faculty members to enable them to stabilize and create a suitable scientific environment for research and creativity.
  • To receive faculty members in university accommodation and enable them to stay there, in accordance with the rules established by the Presidency of the University Council;
  • Supervising university housing and monitoring maintenance work, and informing the competent authority of the university of any vinegar or failure to repair it;

Preparation of necessary studies and programs to provide adequate accommodation for faculty members.

  • Liaise with the competent authorities and coordinate with them on obtaining plots of land or housing for distribution to faculty members in accordance with the rules and conditions established by the Presidency of the University;
  • General Administration of Libraries, Publications and Publishing
  • It is responsible for providing books, references, periodicals, scientific journals and the like, for organizing the use of libraries, and other related works.

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