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Office of Resource Development

The Office of Self-Development is responsible for:

• Research and study procedures to identify ways and magazines for the development of university’s own resources and to restore plans and program for their implementation.
• Management and operation of the University’s service facilities, including cafes, restaurants, canteens, laundries, and others, in a manner that ensures the appropriate return.
• Organize the use of medical testing laboratories, clinics, and pharmacies to provide services to citizens on an appropriate basis.
• Investment in real estate, land, and parking spaces of the University.
• Regulate the entry of vehicles for non-personnel to ensure an adequate return.
• Organizing the utilization of productive facilities such as farms, carpentry workshops, blacksmiths, and vehicle maintenance in order to provide the needs of workers and citizens for an appropriate fee that ensures the provision of a self-supply to the university.
• To do everything that would be self-reliant for the University to cover its expenses.
• Participation in committees and task forces relevant to the activity of the Bureau.
• Preparation of the periodic and annual follow-up report on the activities of the Office.

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