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Vision, mission, objectives and guidelines

University vision:

Achieving leadership and excellence in the higher education and community service program, maintaining the top spot in the local rankings, and entering among the top 20 universities regionally.

University Mission:

Preparing distinguished graduates in knowledge, skills, and behavior in various disciplines of humanities and applied sciences, possessing international competitive skills and capabilities, with the localization of programs for the production and employment of knowledge in order to achieve the development and development of the various sectoral community institutions

University Objectives:

The University of Benghazi seeks to achieve the following goals:

– Develop academic performance and scientific research, in accordance with international standards, and in order to develop knowledge capital, serve the requirements of society, and meet the needs of the labor market.- Developing human resources and raising the university’s institutional capacity.- Rooting the concepts of education and socialization within the university’s programs, and adhering to ethics and values.


Guiding principles

1. Scientific secretariat.

2. Credibility, transparency, and integrity

.3. effective partnership.

4. Justice, equality.

5. Lifelong learning.

6. Team spirit.

7. Cooperation, respect. Serious pursuit of excellence.

8. Good management.

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