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Department of Technical Affairs and Projects

• It is responsible for all work related to technical matters, supervising the implementation of university projects, providing technical opinions and advice, and exercising its competencies through the following offices:


A- The Technical Office is responsible for:

• Participation in the preparation of the University’s transformation budget.
• Participation in the study and reporting of UNU needs for technical equipment and equipment.
• Provision of opinions and technical advice to the University.
• Technical maintenance, operation, maintenance and registration of all university facilities and equipment.
• The establishment and organization of university gardens and the supervision of horticulture to ensure that the university is shown in an aesthetic manner.


B- Project Library, which is concerned with:

• Propose project plans for the University and its faculties and follow up on their implementation and evaluation.
• Participation in the preparation of the University’s transformation budget.
• Preparation of designs, maps and technical studies on UNU projects.
• Supervision of higher education projects at the University.
• Providing opinions and technical advice to university in relation to projects proposed and being implemented at university.

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