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Office of the President

President Office: 

The President of the University is entrusted with overseeing its scientific, administrative, and financial matters, representing the institution in accordance with the regulations and decisions established by the University Council. In specific, the President is expected to:

1- Chairing the University Council, convening its sessions, and executing its resolutions.
2- Overseeing the enforcement of laws and regulations governing the university’s operations.
3- Supervise the preparation of the preliminary budget and final financial statements based on input from the faculties, and presenting them to the University Council for accreditation.
4- Compiling a comprehensive annual report on the university’s scientific, administrative, and financial matters, and forwarding it to the Supreme Council of Universities subsequent to its endorsement by the University Council.

The Office of the President is responsible for:
1- Organizing and scheduling the President’s tasks and activities.
2- Managing the President’s appointments.
3- Handling all correspondence addressed to the President, organizing and maintaining records of incoming and outgoing correspondence, facilitating information requests, and ensuring effective communication between the President and official entities.

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