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Council of the University




Council of the University




The University Council is the body responsible for formulating the general policy for education and scientific research at the University as well as formulating plans to achieve its objectives:




1- Management, investment and disposal of university funds.
2- Approval of the University’s draft budget and final account and its transmission to the competent authority.
3- Distribution of funds to colleges.
4- Supervising the general system of the University, its faculties, scientific departments and scientific and technical research centers.
5- Promulgation of administrative, financial and technical regulations.
6- Support for scientific research and the establishment of research centers at the university level.
7- Develop plans and programs to encourage teaching staff to write, translate and publish their work.
8- The establishment, consolidation and abolition of colleges’ scientific departments and research centers at the suggestion of colleges’ boards.
9- Proposing the establishment, consolidation and abolition of colleges at the university based on an offer from college boards.
10- Adoption of draft internal regulations for colleges and research centers at university level
11- To define the study system at the university on the proposal of the colleges and to adopt the required programs and curricula at the college and university levels.
12- To propose that the conditions for admission of students to university and other matters relating to their university affairs be specified and that the executive regulations of the disciplinary system be established.
13- Award of degrees and scientific and honorary degrees. Support to quality assurance programs at the University.
14- To approve the nomination, renewal and termination of the contracts of faculty members, transfer, promotion, assignment, transfer and accept their resignations and application of disciplinary rules to their offenders.
15- Adoption of full-time and special leave without pay for faculty members.
16- To develop standards and adopt evaluation and appropriate decisions in regards of work, teaching methods and scientific research of faculty.
17- Sending teaching staff, teaching assistants and university staff to missions, scientific assignments and training courses in accordance with the University’s reporting system.
18- Proposal of legislation governing academic, financial and administrative matters.
19- Adoption of scientific and cultural agreements with universities, colleges, institutes and research centers at home and abroad.
20- Sponsoring social, sports, cultural and artistic programs and activities at the University.
21- Establishment of permanent or temporary technical committees to carry out specific tasks.
22 -Plan for the completion and construction of buildings and support laboratories, equipment and libraries
23- Establishment of regulations governing university sanitation facilities, farms, workshops and other units.










Members of The Council




The President of the University of Benghazi
Undersecretary for Scientific Affairs
Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs
The General secretary  of the University
Dean of the Faculty of Arts
Faculty syndicate 
President of the University Workers’ Union
Decision of the Council of the League
Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Benghazi
Dean of the Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine and Surgery
Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy, Benghazi
Dean, Faculty of Public Health, Benghazi
Dean of the College of Nursing
Dean, Faculty of Medical and Technical Sciences
Dean, Faculty of Economics, Benghazi
Dean, Faculty of Arts, Benghazi
Dean, Faculty of Law, Benghazi
Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communications
Dean of the Faculty of Education, Benghazi

Dean of the Faculty of languages 




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