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Organizational Structure

..Benghazi University Organizational Structure

In accordance with resolution No. (22) for the year (2008) on the organizational structure of universities and higher education institutions, the university is administered by:

  1. University Council.
  2. University President.
  3. University vice president.
  4. Secretary-General.
  5. Deans and colleges.

University Council:

The University Council is the competent body to draw up the general policy of education and scientific research at the university and to develop plans to achieve its objectives.

Secondly, offices and centers that follow the university president:


  1. The office of the president.
  2. Internal Audit Office.
  3. Office of Legal Affairs.
  4. Quality and Performance Evaluation Office.
  5. Office of University Council Affairs.


  1. Language Center.
  2. Information and documentation center.
  3. Media Production Center.
  4. Medical Services Center.
  5. Academic Development Center.
  6. Center for Law and Community Studies.
  7. ICT Center.
  8. Center for Public Administration and Institutional Development.
  9. Center for Engineering and Energy Consulting and Research.
  10. Nanotechnology Research Center.
  11. Center for Environmental chemistry and community research.
  12. Research and consulting center.

Departments and offices that follow the university’s vice presidents 

University vice president for Scientific Affairs. 

University vice president for Student Affairs.  

Departments that follow the university’s vice president  for scientific affairs.

Graduate management and training followed by the following offices

  1. Graduate Office.
  2. Training office.
  3. The Teacher Assistant office.
  4. Mission Office

The management of faculty affairs is followed by the following offices

  1. Office of National Faculty Affairs.
  2. Office of Expatriate Faculty Affairs.
  3. University Housing Office for faculty members.

The General Administration of Libraries, Publications and Publications is followed by the following offices

  1. Printing, publishing and translation office.
  2. Supply and distribution office.
  3. Library and Documentation Library.

Offices that belong to the University’s vice president for Scientific Affairs 

  1. Office of International Cooperation.
  2. University Undersecretary for Student Affairs.
  3. The general registrar is managed and followed by the following offices:
  • Registration, study and examination office.
  • Office of Student Housing and Subsistence.
  • Social Service Office.
  • Office of Educational Means.
  • Arrivals section.
  • Foreign student Department.
  • Computer unit.

Student activity management and followed by the following offices

  1. Office of Cultural Activity.
  2. Sports Activity Office.

Offices and departments that follow the General Secretary

  1. Planning and follow-up office.
  2. Office of Self-Resource Development.
  3. Office of Administrative Affairs.
  4. Procurement Office. 
  5. Stores office.
  6. Office of Public Services.
  7. University Guard Office.

The Office of Finance is followed by the following sections

  1. Preparation and processing department.
  2. Movement section.
  3. Department of Public Treasury.

Department of Technical Affairs and Projects

It is responsible for all technical work, supervising the implementation of the University’s projects, providing technical opinions and advice and exercising its competencies through the following offices:

  1. Office of Technical Affairs.
  2. Project Office.

Deans and colleges

The university comprises 15 colleges headquartered in Benghazi, each in a different scientific discipline and 14 colleges distributed to the east, west and south of the city on 7 branches:

  1. Elmarj
  2. Slouq
  3. Tokra
  4. Kufra.
  5. Abyar.
  6. Gamenais
  7. Alwahat

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