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President’s Message

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings
I would like to welcome you to Benghazi University, Libya’s inaugural national University. Leading Libya’s most venerable institution is a great honor and a source of pride. As the 21st President of the Primary University in Libya, I am committed to preserving its legacy as a source of thought, a platform of culture, and a beacon of enlightenment. During the past six decades of our university’s existence, it has remained a beacon of civilization, dedicated to preparing individuals across all spectrums scientifically, culturally, and socially. Our mission is to provide individuals with the opportunity to excel and thrive in the realms of generosity and self-fulfillment through our educational programs, guidance, and academic services. The university is committed to offering a stimulating educational environment that aligns with the highest quality standards and academic programs tailored to meet the needs of both the community and the labor market. Our aim is to cultivate distinguished national leaders who are not only academically proficient but also capable of shouldering responsibilities effectively. The University is promoting its important role in the fields of education, learning, scientific research and community service in accordance with the highest international standards, committed to the outstanding numbers of its students and graduates, the development of their skills and pride in their national identity, and its ability to compete in the labor market and to creativity and innovation. Looking ahead, we are focused on constructing a society grounded in a knowledge economy and realizing sustainable development goals.

Dr. Eiz Eldeen Younis Aldressi

The President, University of Benghazi

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