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University Guard Office

The Office of the University Guard is responsible for:

  • Securing and guarding university facilities.
  • To participate in the development of programs and procedures to ensure the proper implementation of university facilities.
  • Cooperation with the security authorities in guarding university facilities.
  • Monitoring and combating phenomena that violate the security and public morals of the University and taking legal measures to combat and prevent them.
  • Implementation of programs to guard during examinations and to protect those responsible for performing them and their property.

Supervision and regulation of parking and control of university entrances and exits in cooperation with relevant agencies.

  • Identification of elements and possibilities for guarding the premises to be guarded.
  • To participate in the development of the systems, procedures and conditions necessary for the selection and operation of the elements necessary for the performance of university escorts.
  • Preparation of periodic reports on the activity of the Office.
  • Other similar work assigned to the Office.

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