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Corona Pandemic Conference 2020


Corona Pandemic Conference 2020 29-31 December/2020

The Corona Pandemic (COVID-19) represents an unprecedented global emergency that has infected millions of people, led to hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide, and is the most dangerous compared to the dangers of many epidemics, such as tuberculosis, malaria, influenza, Sars and Ebola. Therefore, the convening of a conference to discuss the consequences of the pandemic and ways to confront it is of the utmost importance. Scientists, academics, doctors, health-care providers and representatives of international organizations meet to examine the requirements of limiting the spread of the pandemic, develop the necessary mechanisms to deal with it, identify ways of dealing with it, and propose the necessary policies and measures to limit its immediate and future repercussions at all levels.

From this perspective, and considering the University of Benghazi as one of the well-known and prestigious scientific research centers in our country, it was decided to organize this scientific conference in order to allow all those interested to study the issues and problems arising from this pandemic and the policies required to face its spread and control its effects.

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