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Student Activity at the College of Education – Al-Marj to Celebrate World English Language Day


A special student activity to celebrate World English Language Day was held under the supervision of the English Department. The event saw the attendance of faculty members and students.

The activity included the presentation of research papers that discussed the history of the English language, its main elements, and its characteristics. The focus was also on the key rules of language acquisition and strategies for learning English. The content was delivered in a simplified and interactive manner, aiming to enhance students’ understanding of the English language and improve their skills.

Attendees included Dr. Fareeha Al-Janzouri, Dean of the College, and Mr. Ayman Ahmed Bougreida, Head of the English Department, along with several faculty members from the College of Education. The audience enjoyed the presentations and valuable information provided during the activity.

This event is part of the college’s efforts to promote English language learning and establish it as a fundamental skill for students.

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