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The President of Benghazi University is meeting with the Moroccan Consul.


Today, an important meeting was held between the President of Benghazi University, Dr. Azzedine Al-Darsi, and the Moroccan Consul to enhance academic cooperation and exchange experiences between the two sides.

During the meeting, the focus was on sending specialists to maintain manuscripts and exploring the possibility of sending Libyan specialists to Morocco to learn how to preserve ancient manuscripts.

The university president discussed the history of the university and its leading role in serving the community, as well as the role of the armed forces and the general command in maintaining the university and recovering manuscripts that were looted.

Also discussed was the possibility of providing scholarships for Libyan students in Moroccan universities and facilitating their obtaining Moroccan visas, in addition to Libyan professors.

The Moroccan Consul expressed admiration for the capabilities of the university, both materially and morally, which exceed those of many international universities.

The Director of Benghazi University Language Center participated in the meeting, and the participation of the university in scientific conferences by sending specialists in the French language was also discussed. Both sides hope that this new cooperation will open up prospects for future collaboration and the development of academic relations between the two countries.

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