University of Benghazi’s Award for Best 2017-Published Paper

For the purpose of encouraging scientific research and highlighting its role in serving the community,  motivating academic researchers for contribution in raising the University of Benghazi’s level of education and its international ranking, and achieving academic distinction, the board of University of Benghazi announces–for the first time–to open the door of competition–under the supervision of Bureau of Quality Assurance and Performance Assessment–to an award for the best published paper. The winners of the award for each academic section (applied sciences, human sciences, and medical sciences) receive a valuable award of money in addition to a special appreciation from the university management.

Competition is fully open to all member staff at University of Benghazi and its branches based to the criteria of competition shown below. The criteria for picking up the winners will base on gathering points as conducted by international journals and classifications. Applying for the competition is open via academic-section websites on, the main website of University of Benghazi. The website is open from Monday morning January 30, 2017 to Wednesday afternoon March 1, 2017.    

Requirements of Application to the Award

1. The paper should be published or finally-decision accepted under the name of University of Benghazi.

2. The paper in its final version, not an abstract, should be published or finally-decision accepted in an authoritative publication.

3. The theme of the paper should be mainly amongst the scientific majors of the university’s faculties and their departments.

4. The researcher applying for the competition should be the main author of the paper.

5. The paper might be published under more than a single author. In such a case, the main author applying for the award should admit all other authors’ approval to participate in this competition.

6. The researcher should participate in only one paper as a main author, yet he/she might participate as a co-author in more than one paper.

7. The paper should be published in either Arabic or English.

8. The paper applied for competition should not pass more than five years–at the time of application–since been published or accepted for publication.


Websites for applying of competition are valid from Monday morning January 30, 2017

Applying for the award is valid via Google Drive on the main page of University of Benghazi’s website.

Website of Applying for Best Award at University of Benghazi – Social and Humanitarian Sciences

Website of Applying for Best Award at University of Benghazi – Applied Sciences

Website of Applying for Best Award at University of Benghazi – Medical Sciences



For inquiries or encountering challenges while applying, contact the board of the award on: